17 Jul 2019

Team Maynooth / DCU

This team is a combined from people at Dublin City University and Maynooth University along with guest makers (Andrew!). We are showcasing and experimenting with computers, sound and music including highlighting earliest speech synthesis technologies versus current deep learning, artificial intelligence approaches to complex sound generation. We examine the mathematical underpinnings of rhythm and sound, demonstrate low level sound synthesis and describe how modern AI can auto-compose and provide assistance in the creative process.  We might also do some live hacking with our maker neighbours if they are up for it!

Further exploring the links between movement, sound and action, Andrew will be getting into the swing of things with some real time feedback applications. The team comprises Joe Timoney, Thomas Lépine, Senem Aktas, Ceren Kahraman, Tomas Ward, Andrew Fleury, Alexandre Juppet and Nicolas Knell. 

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