14 Jun 2014

Meet the Maker – Thingscape

The Intel Galileo is fantastic platform that enables people to create as many applications as their imagination will allow. To push the boundaries of technology, innovation and creativity.

Galileo is a Thing.

In the months and years to come these Things will be scattered around our landscape. We will place them around our homes to improve our energy usage. The city will place them around streets and parks to improve traffic and air quality. Things will be embedded in the devices we buy, from cars to cups to kitchen sinks.


This is a Thingscape.



The question we address is ‘How do you control the Thingscape?’ How do you reconfigure these Things over the air? How do you collect information from thousands, millions, billions of Things? And how to you get them to do what you want? How do you reprogram Thingscapes?

At CTVR we have created a framework that allows us to control Thingscapes using radios. The system allows simple Things to be programmed and reprogrammed over the air. It allows Things to be reused and recycled, even when they are embedded in hard to reach places. It allows us to remotely and individually control thousands of Things to do multiple tasks at once or none at all.

CTVR develops the radical radio systems to enable Thingscapes of millions of Things



Check out the Intel Meet the Sponsor post for more information about the Make It Wearable challenge.

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