The origins of the Dublin Maker organising committee go back to the golden days of the “Dublin Maker” street gang & haberdashery. Known for “making” trouble and weak puns, their aggressive and well “drilled” dance routines brought tears to many an eye. After being arrested for a crime they did not commit and a lengthy asylum in a country which no longer exists, an accidental pardon allowed the Dublin Maker gang to regroup in event planning form. The committee now employs an awkward septagon power structure, which nobody really understands, or can draw freehand. This lead to an embarrassing six month period when an old 50p piece came to power as a central leader. Dublin maker flourished, but the situation was eventually rectified and used to buy sweets from a shop, in the past. They team are listed here in the order they supplied profile photos.

Dublin Maker Team


Those who served the cause, but have fallen in battle