18 Jul 2019

Wia – Build your own IoT Projects with the Dot One

At Wia, we’re all about helping people and businesses build smart, connected electronics. We understand the importance of being a maker and the value of learning, building, and exploring with technology. That’s why we want to let anyone and everyone start building their own IoT projects, even if they’ve never had any experience in this area before.

We designed the Dot One to be the starting point for anyone who wants to learn electronics, explore the world of engineering, and become a maker.

The Dot One with a Button Module

The Dot One is an Internet of Things Development Board that pairs with different plug and play modules like a temperature sensor, a button, or an infrared sensor to hear, feel, and sense the world around you and collect data.

The Dot One is preconfigured to the Wia platform so you can easily start building something fun and useful – no experience required! You can use our drag-and-drop blocks to simply put the instructions in place and the code is automatically generated for you.

To show off what you can build with the Dot One, we’ve put together a few cool projects that we’ll be letting makers create the code for and try-out. Here’s a sneak peek at some of them:

We’ve been working on the Official Dot One Car which is triggered by the press of an Internet-Connected button. The Dot One is encased in the body of the lego which is sitting on top of a modified toy car. In there we also have a 9V battery for power and a relay to turn the car’s motor on & off.

We’ve also been making an IoT Door. Powered by the Dot One and a servo module, the door opens and closes based on a custom trigger.

Can you guess what these other projects do?

Drop by the Wia Stand at Dublin Maker to find out if you’re right!

Visit our website you want to know more about the Dot One IoT Maker Board
Or you can order your own board & modules on the Wia Store
We can’t wait to see you all this Saturday!

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